A well-written, targeted media release could be the difference between your event’s great success and dismal failure.

Don’t let the activity or event that has taken up so much of your time and effort fail because you’ve missed the opportunity to get promoted in your local newspaper or on the radio. John Reynolds, Writer for Hire, can provide a simple yet strategic release that can put you and your activities on the map by getting you noticed by your local media organizations and the community.

The world is crying out for information, and the media remains one of the best forums to get the news out. Events, social activities, human milestones, inventions and good old fashioned new ideas – they all share the attribute that they may be of interest to someone. But the public attention isn’t going to happen without assistance. A media release is the perfect way to get the ball rolling.

Give John a call to discuss your event, activity or idea and develop a media release that gets the attention of your local media organization and the community.